Back on track

My YAV got off to an unusual start. Hurricane Irma forced us evacuate about a week after we arrived. We left the day before I was supposed to interview with my job placement and forced us to abandon our discussions our house covenant and all the other program activities.

I’m really thankful we had a place to go during the storm. (Thanks so much to our hosts in Orlando!) I made new friends and it was cool to learn about YAMM program through the Methodist church I got to tag along to work one day in Orlando and help do clean up after the storm. Seeing how connected they are with their community and work has made me impatient to start with my full time job here in Miami.   I’m also thankful our house made it through with no damage and our power was restored so quickly. That’s one of the perks of being so close to several schools. They want to start ASAP so getting the lights back on in the public schools is high priority.

I’ve enjoyed how eccumenical the Miami site is. We live with a YAMM, we partner with them and our board here is made up of people from lots of dominations. I’ve helped at a couple of the home churches of our board members this week with cleanup and community outreach.

While Miami was spared real destruction like the Keys and the Caribbean, there are lots of people without power and other necessities.  It’s been hard to watch the footage from the places that were hit so hard. I can’t image the pain and loss. This experience has made me very aware of my privilege. We had a place to go, the resources to prepare for the worst and the ability fix things quickly  after the fact. We were without power for mere hours and never had to drink the bottled water we prepped. Many people haven’t had those things during and after these terrible storms and often those without have the worst experience during disasters.

I’m going to spend this week trying to get back on track. I’ll be helping with more storm recovery, through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and hopefully, continuing to work towards my permanent job placement.

Thanks to everyone who reached out with their concern and love. I appreciate your prayers and it made things easier to know you were thinking about me.



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