A slight change of plans…

I started a blog post about my first few days and I intended to finish it up explaining about my job placement and long term plans and goals. Because of Hurricane Irma’s path, all of that is on hold for the time being.

I’m writing this new post from Orlando, in a house of YAMMs (similar program to YAV but through the Methodist Church) who are hosting us for while. My housemates and I packed up our food, toilet paper and clothes and drove here early, early this morning. We hope to miss the worst of the storm from here.

Originally, I tried to get on a plane home to outrun the storm but flights just didn’t work out. I’m glad I didn’t because now Greenville might get hit with the storm. I guess, things are working out for the best.

My YAV experience has gotten off to an unexpected start. When I was going through the discernment process for my YAV site, I picked Miami over one of the other sites because I didn’t want to go to a first year site. I think God heard me and laughed. There has been some staff turnover and a hurricane evacuation already less than 2 weeks of the year.

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the beginning of my time here. Miami is a diverse, vibrant city that makes me feel like I’m outside of the US. My Spanish is getting a workout.

Please keep in us in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to return to Miami early next week and hopefully, our house will still be there. I am thinking of all my friends and family in the path of Irma and hope you will all be safe and dry too.


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