Arrival in Miami

Hi Friends and Family! After a “dis”orienting week in Stoney Point, NY with all the first year YAVs, I have arrived in Miami. So far, I’ve meet my housemates and site director, Danny and we’ve been exploring the city and settling in.

Today, we’re getting our bus passes and learning to use the public transportation. Next week, I’ll interview with job placements.

All throughout this year, I’ll be posting updates so come back and check this out.

There are two important ways you can support me throughout this year, if you chose.You can keep me and the other YAVs in  your prayers during this time, offering encouragement and support for us and for our work in the community. Secondly, you can make a financial contribution to my YAV year. Most of the cost is funded by the PC(USA) but, each YAV raises $4,000 towards the overall cost. I still need to raise $1,500 by January, 2018. If you would like to make a financial contribution, you may do through this website  or by writing a check, made out to DOOR Network (DOOR 430 W. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80204). Please include my name, Hannah Woodson, my site, Miami, and my ID# E051470 in the memo space for online and check gifts.


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