My trip to Morocco was not only a highlight of my time abroad but also of my entire life. It was amazing.

This is first, and potentially only time, I have ever been to Africa. We took a ferry boat through the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Port Med-Tangier in Morocco. It was a bumpy, stormy ride but I did get a pretty good look at rock of Gibraltar. (Remember, In Spanish, it is pronounced hi-bral-tar) 


We drove through the beautiful and varied rural parts of Morocco. In fact, most of the trip was driving because Morocco isn’t known for it’s extensive highway system. It was all lovely though and we spotted monkey’s, desert, oasis, date palms, canyons and much more.

We spent the first day and night in Fes. The first stop was one of the palaces. The king of Morocco has one in all the major cities and apparently, he was in Fes while we were. We wandered through the old Arab town, in the part called the Medina. I tried lots of new foods, all cooked in a tagine. While in the medina, we visited co-ops to see & buy silk woven fabrics and beautiful hand knotted rugs. We also visited a pharmacy that sells cosmetics, herbs & spices for cooking and healing instead of prescription medication.

After Fes, we took the long journey to our campsite in the Sahara desert. We had to switch to 4 X 4 jeeps to travel through the desert. We stopped in the middle of nowhere to see the stars with no light. It was dark when we arrived but we woke up early to see the sunrise and our first views of the dunes.

After breakfast, we were greeted by more then 100 camels who arrived at our camp. We rode the camels over the dunes. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done, although not super comfortable. I nearly fell off the camel while trying to get off and I would have if the man leading us hadn’t caught me.

Morocco was a great chance to experience a truly different culture. Although, Europe is pretty different than the US, it’s still pretty western and we have a lot of exposure to it at home. Morocco is incredibly different but the experience has been one of my absolute favorites!


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