Hope and Faith

So I know that this blog isn’t really meant to get political and if you want, you can skip this post without hurting my feelings. However, it is meant to share my experience in Spain and the outcome of Tuesday’s election has already had a big impact on my time here.

I spent most of Wednesday in some denial and shock. Today is Thursday and I’m still as upset and disappointed as many of you, my friends and family. I  have a deep need to write about my thoughts and feelings as I process. I voted absentee several weeks ago and I loved casting that vote for a women. After initially supporting Bernie Sanders, I was firmly #withher. I was also pretty sure the majority of the rest of the voting population was too. I’m religious but I’m very consistent in prayer so it was kind of usual for me when Tuesday night, I repeated this line of the Lord’s prayer over and over as I fell asleep. “Thy will be done, On Earth, as it is in Heaven”

Despite the shock I feel, I have no choice but to have hope and faith for the future. We’re used to empty campaign promises and there are systems in place to prevent some of those things. Things like this Buzzfeed post give me hope.
“Somewhere the first woman president of the USA is watching Hillary speak and she is making plans. It will happen.”
I also hope that we all allow this to be a wake up call to the division in our country. Unfortunately, a large portion of the country sees the flaws in our political system as a bigger problem than the flaws with the president-elect. We need to work together to fight against all those flaws. For me, this means that I need to step up. I’ve been a, so called, online “social justice warrior” for a while. I share things I think are important on Facebook or sign petitions or retweet. I have my Amazon account set up to make a donation to Straight but Not Narrow with every purchase. Occasionally, I sent emails to my representatives or have gotten on the phone to tell them what I think they’re doing wrong. I fear that this behavior will not be enough to fight for my beliefs in 2017. I fear that I will have to make hard choices between what is right and what is easy. It’s easy to press the share but or send a pre-typed email. I am committing now to go one step further but getting more involved in furthering this “social justice” away from my computer. I’m going to list some of the things that important to me so that I have the accountability to stick to this commitment and I give all of you permission to remind me about it when I fall short.

Environmental Protection and Recovery
Universal Healthcare
Sexual Assault Prevention
Stopping Gun Violence
Women’s Rights and Healthcare
LGBTQ+ Rights and Protection
Eliminate the Death Penalty and Institute Death with Dignity
Criminal Justice Reform
Immigration Reform (but not the wall building kind)
Education Reform

So sure, let’s take until January to mourn and prepare but we have be ready to come together and work together by then. Let’s not reject every idea to come of the White House because of who it originated with. That’s the reason President Obama failed to achieve so many of his goals in office. Let’s be better. Let’s protect anyone who needs our protection. Let’s be the bigger person and move past party affiliations to fight for “social justice” in the real world not the online world…
So thanks for sticking with me through this long post. I’ll leave you with the thing that has really comforted me: The song Head Full of Doubt by The Avett Brothers, in particular this line. “When nothing is owed or deserved or expected
And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected”


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