One Week Out- Packing Woes

While I only  started packing for my 4 month trip a week before I was supposed to leave, I’d been planning for a while. I downloaded lists from travel blogs and guides to packing light and efficiently. I planned the bags I wanted to take. I shopped a little. I bought rain boots that are cute enough to double as regular booties and a couple of new sweaters but since the climate isn’t supposed to be that different from SC, I felt like I was pretty prepared.

The actual word for what I am is probably over-prepared.

The first time I packed my suitcase, it weighed 51 lbs, just a lb over the allowed weight. However, it didn’t include pajamas, undies or any accessories or anything too summery because that was all in the laundry. So I had my sister, AKA the expert packing czar, who coincidentally returned from Spain in May, go through it with me and force me ruthlessly cut weight.

Draft #2 weighed 44.5 lbs. Much better.

So then I added the things we’d decided I need to purchase, the things I had to have I’d left out the first time, and a couple things from the laundry. 56.8 lbs. Oops.

Unfortunately, by now, I’d parred the mountain of stuff down pretty much as much as I could. Everything had multiple uses or it was an absolute necessity. So rather than eliminate anything else, I started switching things around. I moved several things to my carry-on bags. I added shoes to my backpack and the school supplies went in with my laptop. Take 3- 47 lbs. Perfect.

When I get back from this trip, I’ll report back whether those necessities are still as important to me and what items in that suitcase went unused or forgotten.

I’m still 5 days away from leaving but my suitcase and bags are pretty much ready to go. So now I’m probably more ready physically than mentally. Last night, I read a quote that summed up my feelings. “You can be scared and really ready.”


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